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Едет парень из Нью Йорка, надо встречать

Сегодня днем встречаю Питера из Нью-Йорка на пермском вокзале. У него – странный, авантюрный и немного запутанный концептуальный артпроект, связанный с Транссибом (как средством передвижения). Что-то он мне выдаст выйдя из вагона на 20 минут, я потом что-то должен буду ему отправить в NY. А он поедет дальше по Транссибу.

My project is all about false narratives and constructing reality and in order to carry it out I need to find interesting artists in Russia, Mongolia and China to particpate. Yulia suggested you as one of those artists.

This is what I’m doing: I will be participating in a conference that is on the trans-siberian railway, and everyday I’ll be making ‘false documentations’ of the conference. These will take the form of photos, writing, video, drawings, audio messages, etc. Each day, I’ll take these documentations and craft them into ‘messages’. Then, I’ll give these messages to artists who meet me at train stations along the journey. I’ll give each artist a package which includes my message and return postage so the artist can respond to my message – mailing me back their response. These responses can be anything at all….writing, drawings, recordings, etc. At the end of the project, I’ll compile all these things together to make a performance.

So…I’m wondering if one of you you might be interested in meeting me in Perm at the train station on 13th of Sept at 12:48 (moscow time…which i think is 2:48PM Perm Time…is that correct). I’ll be at the train station for 20 minutes (train number 26 from Moscow) and will have a blue baseball hat with fire detailing on it. You’d need to meet me and take a package I will have prepared for you.

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